I want to marry this french girl so I can be french.


old song of mine.

song I wrote back when I was crazy about this chic that had a boyfriend. we fucked to “last caress”. her boyfriend had just bought her a huge bouquet of flowers that was staring at me the entire time we were going at it. I confided in my friend. his advice, “He enjoyed buying her those flowers.” he said. “You know what? You’re Right!” I responded. “He enjoyed buying her those flowers just as I enjoyed fuckin her brains out. Wow, thanks man.”. love is so random.


je suis en amour, avec un fille

qui-est avec une autre homme

cette est toujours, le facon

je suis un putain

je fais de le musique

je suis une artist

si toute le filles mont ,

juste pour une bon temps